Our Story

Our Story

On the Road Companies is a family of businesses building prosperity for America’s workers. We began in 2011 when our CEO Michelle Corson founded Champion Impact Capital to make investments in social enterprises. She saw a way to help working families thrive through better transportation and created On the Road Sustainability Funds to attract investors who understood that better cars lead to better jobs and better lives. They were willing to take a small return on their invested capital to provide a social, financial and environmental return to others.

On the Road Lending formed in 2013 to help people find affordable, reliable cars and to teach them how to make good financial decisions. Through our loan funds, individuals get low-cost loans on cars based on who they are as people—not their credit scores. On the Road Motors, a Texas motor vehicle dealer, sources cars for our clients directly at auction, providing a low-cost option for working families.

On the Road Garage launched in Irving in 2020 as a unique tech-focused collision repair business to fill a skills gap and talent pipeline shortage. In addition to a commercial enterprise, On the Road Garage is rebuilding more than cars with a paid internship program that provides training on collision repair, advanced driver assistance systems and other smart car technology.

Together these On the Road Companies are empowering working Americans to take the best jobs available to them with dignity. We are creating a prosperity movement that will propel our country and its citizens to achieve their dreams and live their best lives.

Our Partners

We partner with the insurance industry so that the payment for your repair is not a headache for you. We partner with automobile dealerships to provide collision repair services to their customers and to source original manufactured parts for our repairs. We partner with local governments, nonprofits and community organizations to engage and employ local citizens in the garage and its apprenticeship training programs.

Our Team

Michelle Corson

MICHELLE CORSON, Chief Executive Officer

Roy Villarreal

ROY VILLARREAL, Vice President of Operations (I-Car Platinum)

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